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Barbados Hilton Hotel
Xypex Admix & Concentrate
was used in all of the pools,
tanks & below grade work
  Ocean Park Aquarium
Xypex Admix was used in all of the marine water tanks
  Rendezvous Ridge Condos
Xypex Admix added to structural roofing screed to create waterproof roof
  Barbados Pavillion
Xypex Admix was used in the below grade works & water tank
Private Residence
Repairs to an existing basement wall that had severe leaking
  Pipe Seal
Corrective sealing around a watertank pipe
  National Insurance Building
Xypex Admix & Concentrate was used in the waterproofing of the water tank of this property. No water bar was used.
  Plantation Beach, St Lucia
Xypex Admix is being used for all of the plunge pools & tanks at this luxury condominium complex being built in St. Lucia
Port St Charles Marina
Xypex Admix has been used in this marina since the beginning, in many areas of the construction
  Multistory Carpark in Bridgetown
China State is the contractor, Xypex Admix was used in the top floor/ roof slab
  Palm Beach development on Worthing Main Road
Waterproofing 13 concrete roofs, 40 year warranty against leaking
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